Bullet Lock Isolator



This Bullet Lock Isolator Unit is designed for internal use on electronically operated roller shutter garage doors that are secured by bullet locks (also known as “Pin Locks” or “Guide Locks”).It is fitted next to the door and respective control panel and/or switches in order to prevent the door from being operated until both of the bullet locks have been completely removed from the door and inserted into the Bullet Lock Isolator Unit.

This isolator is designed to take a wide variety of bullet locks (it comes with three different housings) that are commonly in use today. Pre-fitted is a housing designed to take the most popular/common oval type of bullet lock, the other two are lose within the box.All you have to do is determine which housing block fits your bullet locks the best, swap the blocks around if necessary, and screw the box back together.

  • 1x Bullet Lock Isolator Unit

The Bullet Lock Isolator Unit should be mounted on a firm and permanent surface with the two bullet lock openings facing downwards. This will help to prevent water, dust and other debris from entering the unit and impeding its operational effectiveness.Wiring will depend upon the control circuit the Bullet Lock Isolator Unit is being connected to, However, the cross-connection between the two switch common terminals is pre-wired leaving the installer to simply connect to the two switch normally open terminals. This will prevent the motor from being operated unless both bullet locks have been removed from the door and inserted into the Bullet Lock Isolator Unit.



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