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Our top 3 Domestic Security Products to secure your home.

Your home is often your most valuable asset therefore it's important to secure it. Here are our top 3 items that will improve your home security and provide you with peace of mind.



Kicking off with the clear winner, a Domestic Roller Shutter, made from aluminium and available in a number of different colour-ways, it is a subtle yet extremely secure option for doorways and windows. An obvious deterrent when down and not obtrusive when up.



Our Domestic Ram posts are excellent subtle options for a driveway. often a car is our second most valuable asset and they are a very common theft in the UK in fact in 2020 alone over 74 000 cars were stolen. Place these at the end of a driveway is a big deterrent. We offer Retractable, static, and telescopic.



Fixed bar grilles are an excellent option if you have low lying windows that have access to a basement etc. Placing these bar grilles over such windows prevents access from would-be intruders. We also have the option of Retractable Grilles if you wish to secure more visible windows without obstructing your view 24/7. Our retractable grilles can be opened and closed as and when you need the security. 


Any one of these security products will add to the security of your home. We deliver Nationwide and provide all the instructions you need to install.

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to call our team at Britannia Retail on: 0800 137 683 or email us at:




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